Rabbit’s vague message was on Pooh’s phone for a depressing 3 hours, looking at “IDK when we’ll picnic. The forest is too enchanted right now. I have to go buy a enchantment mask” between languishing and accumulating rank honey flatulence in his habitat. They said honey never goes bad, until Pooh’s ennui.

Pooh would love to go out into forest, had Tigger not eaten Pooh’s mask in an senseless argument. Tigger remains the most enchanted among the Bobbins’ Bunch, marauding through The Forest Kitchin’s dining bubble supply, leaving them in a bind not curse Tigger’s name.

“Owl left when Tigger called him a bat.”, Pooh thought aloud. “Oh, I’m ever-so bored!” Just then, a very familiar, yet very exciting thought came to Pooh’s mind. “Piglet! There’s piglet!” The limitless joy that came to Pooh, for his little friend, the leathery skin and soft, sprawling hair… made Pooh jump up and down! Pooh dropped on his butt, “Am I sure I have this piglet? That’s not a gas; but what if piglet grew? Like a Hogg!”

Even, though he only wears a shirt, Pooh couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of his piglet before. Pooh’s South-bound Razorback snorted, “That’s right, you hog, we’re getting enchanted.” Pooh repetitively cheered. “What if I drowned you in honey?” Pooh’s grunted. His body odor had accumulated in his Birch studio. Pooh feverishly reached for a jar labled, “hog hunny” but it was dry!

“Yo, piglet”

Pooh realized he got carried away. “Oh, dear! Oh, dear!” Pooh breathed in through his nose. He felt his body expand. He exhaled through his mouth and felt his body soften (more than usual). “My dear, sweet piglet!”, Pooh cried. “A hog would be cool, but piglets are more keen. Sensitive and nimble, always alert. It’s not the bog of the hog, it’s the shine of the swine!”

“What are you saying?” a small, auxiliary voice surfaced into Pooh’s reverie. Pooh unloaded on the inquisitive voice, “Pooh’s going on a picnic, whoever you are!”.

“Oh, well… can I come?” the voice inflected, getting even smaller.

“It’s just me and da piglet” Pooh enforced. “But, Pooh, I am Piglet!” Piglet appeared in Pooh’s doorway, with two PPE shields, sanitizing lotion, and a weapon, much to Pooh’s jubilation… and respect. “Why, hello! You’re welcome to come with me, Little Pink!”

The cherry of Pooh’s day and figuratively and quite literally hit the top of his hunny sunndae. “I’m with a good, dear friend. I like piglet just as is!” The spirits and blood sugar were both high. “Yeah, Pooh, I’m not a big scary hog.”, Piglet offered as humor. “No,” Pooh conferred, “You are a supple little pink piglet”, he continued, while offering a wayward hand on Piglets belly. “You’re rubbing me, like crazy hard, Pooh!”, Piglet uncomffed. “You’re gonna make me throw up! You’re sweating!” Pooh grumbled and proceeded with zero pause to make his little Piglet throw up. Then, Pooh leveled, “Aight, that was cool. Guess I’ll go look for a J.O.B… shit.”

It’s not that I don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s that I discuss what is unknown to me